Bottled Paloma | $12
Blanco tequilla, house grapefruit soda

Santo Buzo | $14
Bourbon, Jamaican rum, cashew butter, honey, allspice, vanilla, cinnamon, pineapple, lemon

Mellow Yellow | $13                                                                                           Blanco tequila, fino sherry, yellow Chartreuse, yellow bell pepper, lime, pineapple

Papaya Riot | $14                                                                                                Dill infused Irish whiskey, Puerto Rican Rum, papaya, falernum, lime

La  Sonambula  | $14
Jalapeño infused blanco tequila, lemon, chamomile, mole & Peychaud’s bitters

Daiquiri Al Pastor | $14
Pork fat-washed white rum, achiote, pineapple, agave, lime, cilantro, chicharron salt rim

Spicy Llama | $13                                                                                                Chilean Pisco, blanco tequila, lime, pineapple, jalapeño, egg white, celery bitters

Grass Roots Persuasion | $14                                                                          Rhum  agricole, sotol, rhubarb, pineapple, lime, peychauds bitters, lava salt rim

Tia  Mia  | $14
Mezcal espadin, Jamaican rum, orange curacao, lime, orgeat

Brooklyn   Burro  | $13
White rum blend, pineapple, ginger, lime, aromatic bitters, soda

Esmagar !  | $13                                                                                                   Silver cachaça, Aperol, pineapple, muddled lime, cardamom tincture

Negroni De Nubes | $13                                                                                      Mezcal salmiana, blanc vermouth, strawberry infused Suze & Cappelletti, rice washed

War & Peace | $14                                                                                                Navy strength gin, olive leaf liqueur, blanc vermouth, fino sherry, racilla mist

Red Mamba | $13                                                                                                Blanco tequila, mezcal espadin, ancho chile liqueur, lime, strawberry, vanilla, orgeat

Slow Disco | $14                                                                                                  Mango brandy, blanc vermouth, Salers, sparkling wine

Bermuda Triangle | $14
Cachaça, kiwi, lime, yogurt aloe liqueur, green Chartreuse (frozen)     


Fire and Rain | $13
Rhum agricole, poblano liqueur, verjus, celery bitters, cucumber

Pisco Ponche | $42
Peruvian acholado pisco, American brandy, second shift tepache, pineapple, lime aromatic bitters, soda

Once In A Melon | $45
Mezcal espadin, chile de arbol infused tequila, gentian amaro, fino sherry, watermelon, lime, sparkling wine

Tequila Blanco  | $22

A sampling of Blanco tequilas to demonstrate that there is terroir in agave
Arte Nom 1549
Siembre Azul Blanco
Calle 23 Blanco

Tequila In The Barrel | $26

3 examples in 3 age ranges of the bright and aromatic aged
Don Julio Añejo
Siete leguas Reposado
Siembra Azul Extra Añejo

Mezcal #1  | $28

3 spirits demonstrating the range of agaves used in making mezcales in Oaxaca, Mexico
Del Maguey Espadin Especial
Alias San Luis
Koch Espadin

Mezcal  #2  | $32

3 spirits demonstrating the range of agaves used in making mezcales in Oaxaca, Mexico
Del Maguey San Pablo Ameyaltepec
Jolgorio Cuixe
Derrumbes San Luis Potosi

Stranger Things | $30

3 Mexican spirits not under the Tequila or Mezcal umbrella
Sotol Por Siempre
Gracias a Dios
Raicilla La Venenosa Sierra de Jalisco

R(h)um | $24

3 rums each demonstrating different style and tastes
Rhum Jm Blanc
Ron De Barrelito
Plantation 20th Anniversary

What We’re Into Right Now  | $30

3 spirits, all different, that we like. Changes monthly
Siembra Metl Cenizo
Novo Fogo Barrel Aged
Clarin Sajous Hatian Rum